Why chose Nu Clad Hygienic PVC Wall Cladding

Why chose Nu Clad Hygienic PVC Wall Cladding

The easy clean, smooth and durable surface of Nu Clad make it the ideal cladding material for commercial and domestic walls. It transforms most wall finishes into a smooth flat, cleanable surface which is impervious to the ingress of dirt.

Manufactured from PVCu, it is easy to handle, cut and bond making installation easy, straight forward, cost effective and simple. Moisture, impact and chemical resistance ensure that our hygenic PVC wall cladding continues to perform as a hygiene cladding material in even the most challenging of commercial, agricultural and domestic environments.

Our uPVC wall cladding is a fire rated and food approved material that provides the most effective method of producing a complete hygienic and hard wearing environment. Offering excellent chemical resistance, good temperature range (+60 to -0°C) and is easily cut, formed, glued and welded. 

Benefits of Hygienic PVC Cladding Sheets


Tough and Durable

Nu Clad's hard surface is resistant to cracking and splitting. It provides excellent protection against abrasion to maintain a hygienically smooth cleanable surface.

Smooth Easy Clean Surface

The smooth surface of Nu Clad is stain-resistant and very easy to wipe clean. With excellent chemical resistance, Nu Clad products can be cleaned with typical non-abrasive cleaning products and disinfectants.

Water Resistant

Nu Clad provides a water resistant barrier and will not rust or corrode. As it is unaffected by moisture it is suitable for use in applications which are subject to high levels of condensation such as changing rooms, bathrooms and kitchens.

Excellent Fire Performance

Nu Clad has excellent fire performance properties.

Ease Of Installation

Nu Clad is easy to transport, handle and install. It requires standard tools for cutting and drilling; flat sheets are easily bonded to most substrates. Fast and flexible to install, the Nu Clad range is ideal for the professional or DIY installer.

Chemical Resistance

Nu Clad has excellent resistance to most chemicals including dilute acids and alkalis, alcohols, glycols, atmospheric pollutants and most cleaning solutions. It does not corrode or rot and is not attacked by pests.

Service Temperature

The service temperature range of Nu Clad is -0˚C to +60˚C. Greater care should be taken when working with PVC sheet at lower temperatures: PVC is less resistant to impact damage at lower temperatures. It should not be installed near heat sources such as cookers and heating boilers as these could cause distortion and damage.


Non abrasive cleaning solutions are suitable for cleaning Nu Clad.

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