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From the home to workplaces where cleanliness and hygiene are an industry requirement, our pastel PVC Hygienic Wall Cladding sheet has been designed to offer a solution that makes hygiene a priority. It has been manufactured using the latest technology and that ensures that our cladding provides a barrier against bacteria, helping to keep your space clean and healthy. This means that you can ensure an environment that is safe and it can help to reduce the spread of germs at the same time.


This simple yet highly effective solution is proven to deliver impressive results although it also looks the part. Whether you are looking to brighten up a kitchen or bathroom or create an inspiring workplace, our range of pastel colours are certain to offer plenty of choice. With a range of colours on offer, you can find something that fits your needs and your colour scheme. Durability is also another advantage that comes with using our cladding. The durable and hard-wearing materials are easy to clean and maintain while they won’t suffer from marks, scuffs or scratches. All of this ensures that it retains its good looks and will outlast many other options out there.


Along with this, our cladding is extremely simple to install. The sheets are simple to cut to size and are available in a variety of sizes too. All that is required is basic equipment and adhesive to create a secure bond to the surface. When compared to other options, it is low maintenance and won’t need regular replacing or repairs which makes it a cost-effective solution. For a hassle-free solution that looks great and helps to maintain hygiene, this is the only solution that you will need.

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