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Whether it is domestic or commercial needs, our Gloss PVC Hygienic Wall Cladding Sheet is designed to offer an exceptional level of hygiene and cleanliness. You might want to protect your home from unwanted germs or your business might need to meet industry requirements. Whatever the reason, our cladding sheets have everything you are looking for. They have been designed using hygiene technology that helps to form a protective barrier against bacteria and germs and that helps to create a safer environment.


The gloss cladding has that perfect balance of practicality and flexibility because it is a perfect alternative to other types of cladding and solutions. The gloss finish is certain to add a touch of style to any space while they are ideal for kitchen, bathrooms, leisure centres and any places that require a high level of hygiene. They are available in a selection of colours, ensuring you can discover the perfect look and finish. The durable materials are designed to last and that means that they are scratch-resistant, mark resistant and won’t need replacing or repairing for many years. Furthermore, they are easy to clean and take care of which is why they are an ideal solution for a range of settings.


We offer this product in a range of colours but also sizes. This enables you to find the right size to fit your needs while it is easy to work with. They can be installed using adhesive and cut to size, making it easier and faster than preparing walls for painting. From low maintenance to cost-effectiveness and the impressive level of hygiene, there is no denying that this is a highly effective option that can quickly and easily transform any space.

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