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Our white cladding is simple, clean and great for environments that require a simple look. Whether it’s a medical setting, a kitchen or a leisure club changing rooms, our product is designed to offer functionality and practicality. They are designed using the latest materials which guarantees that they are highly durable and built to last. As they are mark and scratch-resistant, they will always look smart while you won’t need to replace or repair them in the same way as you would with other wall solutions.


When it comes to hygiene, walls are often one of the most overlooked areas but if you run a business where hygiene is imperative then our white PVC hygienic wall cladding sheet is all that you need. It couldn’t be easier to create a cleaner and healthier environment because our cladding sheets create a solid barrier against bacteria and germs. This ensures that harmful bacteria cannot form or grow on the surface while it is extremely easy to keep clean.

Furthermore, the cladding sheets are easy to install and they fit. They can be cut to size and applied to walls using an adhesive which means that you can upgrade your walls and improve the hygiene or a range of settings in no time at all. It is also an affordable option because not only is the cost competitive but because they are low in maintenance and care, you won’t have to spend money on repairs or replacements. This effective solution has been manufactured to look great, offer exceptional cleanliness and offer an alternative to the many other options out there. All of which makes this a seamless and simple solution that can transform any space almost instantly.

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