9 Reasons Why Our Clients Love Nu Clad Hygienic Wall Cladding

9 Reasons Why Our Clients Love Nu Clad Hygienic Wall Cladding

Here at Nu World Developments, we’ve been using Nu Clad for over 7 years and always recommend Nu Clad to our clients which carries a 20 year guarantee. The superior quality, long-life and reliability while being low-maintenance is incredible and is suitable for a large range of applications such as hospital corridors, food prep areas, shower rooms and many more across many different sectors.

Nu Clad is an impressive hygienic system with a range of benefits that explain its success. Here are 9 major benefits of using Nu Clad and why we so strongly recommend it.


  1.  Nu Clad carries a 20 year market leading guarantee, its durable and robust making it a smart long-term investment.
  2.  Nu Clad is easy to clean: it has a smooth clean surface that’s easy to wipe down and maintain and can be washed with a simple mix of detergent and water. It’s also resistant to most solvent cleaning if necessary.
  3.  Nu Clad is suitable everywhere from takeaway kitchens to gyms, from hospital corridors to waiting rooms. It’s suitable for shower areas or splashback. Its easy to install even in complex and challenging environments
  4.  Nu Clad can be used with trims or can be thermoformed around both internal and external corners so no gaps go uncovered and your space looks elegant.
  5.  Nu Clad is non-pouous that is impervious to spills and stains.
  6.  Nu Clad is now available in Pastel and Vibrant colours transfoming any area into a stylish luxury yet hygienic environment.
  7.  Nu Clad is solid uPVC and has no timber which ultiimatley means ther is no impact on the rainforest and is completely recyclable.
  8. Nu Clad has excellent customer service and any our team of hygienic specialists are always available to answer any technical question to resolve any queries effectively and efficiently.
  9.  Our forever increasing customer and client base love Nu Clad which is why we have repeat business and long-term contracts.

If you’d like to find more about Nu Clad or get a free installation quote, get in touch!

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