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Health and Safety is one of the main concerns for every business and can be a difficult task trying to stay fully comliant with regulations and requirements. PVC hygienic wall cladding has many benefits for any client renovating their workplaces.

We are writing this post for anyone who has a business where high traffic and high risk areas are part of the business daily such as laboratories and food prep areas. Hygienic PVC wall cladding does not just give the user hygienic benefits it also looks aesthetically appealing. PVC cladding is coming more and more popular in both the commercial and domestic sector and is widely used in bathrooms, wetrooms and kitchens and can also be used in public areas such as gyms, hospitals and schools.

Hygiene Comes First

If you operate a business such as a restaurant or a cafe and have food preparation areas you will be required to abide to food hygiene and safety regulations. It can extremely hard work to keep up to date and maintain a cleaing routine, if your walls are tiled, painted or stainless steel you will be familiar with the difficulties associated with maintaining a good standard of hygiene. It is very difficult to clean grout in tiles for example and many of these surfaces are ideal breeding grounds for bacteria to thrive.

Easier To Maintain and Keep Clean

Using PVC Cladding instead on your walls gives you a much easier option to clean and keep you surfaces free from infections and contamination. The nature of PVC wall cladding does not attract mould as it is resistant to chemicals and moisture and allows you to clean the walls in minutes. Using PVC wall cladding will give you a hygienic and durable surface that will look great and last for years.

Easier and Quicker To Install Than Alternative

Not only does PVC cladding have the benefits of been easy to clean, maintain and being visually appealing it is also easy to install and saves time to complete the installtion compared to other coverings such as tiles. PVC wall cladding is available to many different sizes and thicknessess which means you can your choice to meet your business needs.

Can Be Bought Online

As technology and the way we work continually moves forward PVC wall cladding can now be bought online and Nu-Clad has an easy user friendly website. Not only will PVC wall cladding give you peace of mind that you are using a quality product that carries a 20 year warranty but the way the website has been designed it will give you a time saving seemless method of puchasing.

Nu-Clad PVC wall cladding will increase and help maintain an excellent reputaion with your clients and it will provide a cost effective longterm investment.

To summarise, whether you have experience in PVC cladding or are a newcomer hopefully we have shown you how it benefit you and your property, whether it is residential or commercial.

If you’d like to know more, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Save Money With Easy To Maintain Nu-Clad Hygienic PVC Wall Cladding

hygienic wall panels

Whether you run a butchers, fish and chip shop or cattery, Nu-Clad PVC hygienic wall cladding has many key benefits. It is by far the best material to keep clean and is ultra-low maintenance. Once you have installed our cost-effective PVC cladding, all you will need to do is clean it. Nu-Clad is the UK’s leading hygienic wall cladding brand that carries a 20 year warranty, trust the experts.

Nu-Clad has been supplying and installing hygienic cladding systems nationwide. A few key points why we are a trusted supplier to the like of:- NHS, Tesco, Polypipe, Henry Boot, Newell’s Projects Ltd,

  • Is easy to keep clean
  • Meets all EHO hygiene standards
  • Is cost-effective
  • Promotes efficiency
  • Increases productivity

Learn more about PVC hygienic wall cladding by visiting Nu-Clad